Dear You

I’m writing this for you, and you can’t interrupt me, okay? It’s very important that you don’t, because I can seldom express myself effectively or eloquently on paper, and so tonight might be the only perfect opportunity I get. Earlier I left you, and as I was driving away I quite suddenly came to the […]

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I had a friend, and she never read the end of a book. She would passionately and impulsively read page after page, up to about half way through, where she would carefully observe the scene and stop reading. She would put the book down and never revisit it. When I asked her why she did […]

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“But life. It’s a waste of time. Humanity is a waste of time. All we do is sit self-absorbed in conceit and admiration for ourselves and our accomplishments. We barely dangle our toes over the edge of the rock pool and then we claim to have fantasised with the prospect of death. We falsify our […]

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A black scorch clawed across the brittle lips, The eyes drown in the national colours Spasming amidst the blue. White and red become nothing but convulsing raw wine – Penetrating earsplitting cold screeching Is it I who has wrong done mother nat- ure? Fractured glass mauls at disfigured skin Possessed to be immersed. An epidemic […]

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I’d never noted anything significant regarding you other than your simple existence and the insignificant effect it had on the people surrounding you aimlessly. I knew your name was soft sounding, like the roll of a native tongue, and your eyes were equally fluent, but other than that, your being impacted my life in no […]

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I was the type of person to sit back and hold my tongue, detestably agitated at the ramblings of the fanatical and myself for not having the strength to argue back. Then she came along, ethically and morally righteous, and with the prettiest of hearts, she would drop into the conversation with a light touch […]

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Sexual assault is a thing. For any victim to, firstly, begin to recognise and classify themselves as a recipient of a criminal sexual attack is an achievement in itself. Then for said party to openly admit and describe their violations to another human being, scripting and reciting the already committed felony, realising that the deed […]

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